Modus signs up to 10:10

icon_news.gifNews - 2nd September 2009

The new 10:10 campaign aims to encourage companies and individuals alike to commit to cutting their CO2 emissions by 10% during 2010. This is a great campaign with a lot of useful help and assistance available to make achieving the reduction a reality.

The world in general is still really struggling to succeed in making the huge in roads in to carbon emission reduction that is needed in order to make the future a birght one. 10:10 is a bold campaign but one Modus feels everyone should read about and sign up to. If you are a Powerwise customer then you will be well on way to being able to achieve the reduction, and if you are not yet a Powerwise customer why not download a trial of Powerwise today to see how much of your PC power emissions you could reduce.

To sign up to the campaign just click on the logo below.

Sign up to 10:10