Green economy sacrificed as Osbourne plays up climate ambivalence

icon_news.gif News - 3rd October 2011

There has long been an understanding in diplomatic circles that the best response to the vast majority of rhetorical sabre rattling indulged in by tin pot dictators is to remind politicians that such provocations are usually intended for local consumption.

Green businesses and NGOs would be wise to keep this old adage in mind as they digest the implications of Chancellor George Osborne's latest attempt to hammer the nail into the coffin of the government's "greenest ever" pledge.

His commitment to water down the UK's carbon targets if they move out of step with the rest of the EU was delivered to a Conservative Party conference that each year provides a handy illustration of the work David Cameron still has to do if he is ever to fully shed the "nasty party" image he has now spent over five years waging war against.

Source and full article: businessgreen