No one cares about green IT

UK IT managers couldn't give a reboot about green IT. Only one in 20 of them even bother to ask their IT suppliers anything green related. The vast majority don’t care with 87 per cent of those without a green policy saying they’d adopt one if they had to. The kind of pressure that would make them green is regulation, which comes out tops for 69 per cent, 29 per cent would listen to their customers, 14 per cent say they’d listen to suppliers (why?). And the good old stand up and be counted three per cent said “nothing would spur them to implement a green policy.” Just 14 per cent of people see IT as the biggest contributor of CO2 in their organisation and half say this is definitely not the case. Quite right too! It is all those kettles, and sandwich toasters that are doing the damage.

Source: the INQUIRER