Working with Frog

If you are a ‘Frog’ school or even considering Frog as your VLE of choice, then Powerwise can help. As one of the leading VLEs Frog empowers schools to enable teachers, admin staff, and even pupils to fully embed the Frog learning platform into the school’s working practices and tailor it to the needs of their school.

One of the many key components of the Frog solution is Secure Gateway which is a capability unique to Frog. It allows staff or students to use any web-enabled computer, from home or anywhere in the world, to work on a school PC as if they were sat in front of it in the school. Whilst Secure Gateway provides the access point into the network, it also requires the use of the existing school computers to provide the end user work environment. This can lead to the potential for unnecessary cost as computers will need to be on outside of hours, which limits manageability of power consumption.

How can Powerwise help?

By providing centralised management and control of computer power saving Powerwise can ensure that even with a solution like Secure Gateway you can ensure that power consumption, and therefore cost and emissions, is efficient. Having to leave computers powered on to allow remote access after school, at weekends and during holidays can cost over £70.00 extra per computer per year.

Using Powerwise you can make sure that the required computers are powered on after school hours, weekends and holidays, to match the times you are providing remote access to pupils and staff, and then powered off again when not required.

Reducing unnecessary electricity use not only reduces cost but also reduces CO2 emissions. With central and local government directives on CO2 emissions Powerwise plays a part in helping the management team with these directives, however the rapid growth in the ‘eco’ cultures that schools are developing both for the education of the children and the benefit the local community is also assisted by Powerwise.